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Yellow, we love yellow! The characteristic golden yellow of turmeric (Curcuma longa conveys the sun into every dish. Its woody-floral aroma must not be missing in any curry and goes well with rice dishes, stews or lentils. But also, spinach, eggplant, chicken and fish benefit from this spice. For a stronger aroma, fry spice in vegetable oil or ghee beforehand. Experiments with turmeric permitted!


This product does not contain any allergens.

Nutrition facts per 100g
calorific value: 1264 kJ
calorific value: 301 kcal
fat: 1.00 g
– thereof sat. fatty acid: 0.50 g
carbohydrate: 53.60 g
– thereof sugar: 3.50 g
protein: 7.40 g
salt: 0.08 g